Hello world!

Quite litterally… Hello, world!

In this blog, I’m gonna tell you my story, the story of a dude who decided to drop his sedentary lifestyle to go full digital nomad.

There will be Instagram posts, there will be Youtube videos, there will be tweets and Facebook posts, all with the ambition:

  • to let my friends, family and other nomads keep track of where I am in the world and in my journey to full-on nomadism
  • to inspire others to go through the same transition, to live their life travelling around this beautiful planet of ours (if they so desire of course)
  • to keep track of all the places I go to, as well as my own state of mind, the joys and struggles of what it really is like to be a nomad

I had a hard time finding a name for this blog, but after 6 weeks of getting rid of all my stuff and preparing for today, a few days ago, it just jumped at me: Butterflies and Hurricanes!

There are so many symbols in that name. First, it’s one of my all-time favourite songs, and the lyrics are just absolutely perfect right now for me.

Then, just like in the song itself, it’s a perfect reference to the chaos theory, according to which a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world could trigger a hurricane on the other side. And I’ve always been fascinated by this idea that small causes can have huge effects, which was also behind the name of my first company, Epseelon.

And finally, after much experimentation, I made a conscious choice to drop my apartment and all its content to break free of some of my chains. It’s not been easy, and I expect some hurricanes in my future, but right now, now that my possessions fit in a backpack and a suitcase, I really do feel as light and free as a butterfly.

So let’s… change… everything you are… and everything you were… your number has been called…

A small step for this man…